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Chapter 7

Theres lots of strong language and lemons in my story, please dont read if you are easily offended!

I do not own anything, all things Twilight belong to Stephenie Myers.

Chapter 7
A Bella swan Obsession!

I woke with the feeling that I had just had the best nights sleep in ages. I was so comfy and warm that I didn’t want to break the spell by opening my eyes. I sighed and opened my eyelids to an angel beside me.
“Good morning sleepy head!” Edward joked.

“Hello you!” I smiled and stretched like a contented kitten.
I clocked that I was in my bed and not on the sofa where I had fallen asleep. Edward saw the look, “I figured you would be more comfortable lying down.”
“And you managed to move me without disturbing me?” I was impressed!
He waved his arms and hands around in a mystical kind of way.
“Vampire!” He said with that devastating smile on his face.
He leant forward to kiss me, and I jumped to the other side of the bed.
“Nooooo!” I yelped at him.
Edward looked confused and a bit wounded, wrongly interpreting my move away from him as a move away from his statement of ‘vampire’.

“Morning breath!” I reluctantly admitted.
Edward laughed softly; the sound was like an opus, so many tones to it that I got lost in the sheer beauty of it.
“Believe me there’s no hint of morning breath, you always smell good to me…the problem is you smell too good!” a shadow of doubt flashed across his face which made my heart ache for him.
After I had showered and got myself presentable and thoroughly scrubbed my teeth! I went out to the kitchen and was met by Edward brandishing a mug of something at me.
“I’m not sure its going to be drinkable!” he warned as I put the hot liquid to my lips.
“As I don’t drink it myself its hard to judge if what I have put in it is ok!” I took a sip from the cup and was met by the quite passable taste of a good old British cuppa!
“It’s lovely thank you.” I answered gratefully.
I thought you would prefer tea to coffee as that seems to be your drink of choice.”
“Mm! reminds me of home”
“You don’t talk about your home much.” Edward said, “Hardly at all really.”
“Not much to tell.” I evaded him.
“Nice try Mackenzie May Richardson, I can wait, till you feel you can tell me.”
I walked to the window to look out on the meadow; it was a lifetime away from the view from my flat back in England.
He was instantly beside me. “What’s wrong Mackenzie? Have I said something to upset you?”
“No, it’s nothing, im just thinking …that I don’t deserve to have you in my life, you should be here with someone else.” Under my breath I mumbled Bella.
I thought I had said it so quietly, but I had forgotten the vampire sense of hearing!
“What is it with you and this obsession you have with Isabella Swan?” Edward asked. My heart started to race at the sound of Bella’s name from his lips. Like the act of him saying it would make her appear from out of the ether and send me tumbling back to a world and a life that didn’t have Edward in it.
“I’m not obsessed, I just feel like I am standing in her shoes somehow.” It hurt to lie to Edward but I knew that I couldn’t tell him the truth, I couldn’t tell him because I wasn’t sure what the truth was anymore.
Still feeling 100% sure that I needed to get back home; I hadn’t given up on my plan to make that happen. Even if it ripped my heart from my chest to even contemplate it.
We spent the remainder of the weekend together; it was so easy being with him. Charlie must have realised that I had a visitor as we didn’t see him either.
Most of the time we just sat looking at each other, or just chatting about non-sensical things.

‘Ok I admit it very mushy and Jane Austen, but I bet you would do the exact same thing if it were you!!’

The next week at school was very different from the last. As I went out to get in the truck on Monday morning; Edward who had only left me a matter of an hour earlier was waiting for me in his car to take me to school.
We pulled up into the parking lot and you could hear the collective gasp of the rest of the people around. Edward grabbed my hand and with a huge smile on his face marched me past all of them, including his brothers and sisters, who were stood by Emmett’s 4x4. The boys looked on without much emotion, Alice of course had a huge grin on her face, Rosalie looked like she was planning the different ways to mutilate and dismember me!
I smiled at them all as we walked past and when we were clear of them, Edward squeezed my hand, I looked at him and he in turn looked surprised.
“I’m sorry about that, Rosalie will come round.” He said it like he was hoping it would be the case rather than with any great conviction!
“It’s ok, I can deal with it; it doesn’t bother me.” I assured him as I stroked my thumb on his hand.
Edwards’s eyebrows pulled down slightly, “You’re really not scared are you”
“No, I’m not scared of them, or you…before you add that! I just know people, and no matter what Rosalie’s feelings are about me, she loves you and wont do anything to hurt you…Plus I don’t see that happening anyway, unless my spidey senses are way off!”
“Argh, I see, I forgot about your ‘spidey senses’!” Edward stopped walking and faced me. “And what are they telling you now Ms Richardson?” He asked leaning forwards so that his mouth was nearly touching mine.
“They are telling me that we had better get a move on or else I am in serious danger of trying to get down and dirty with you again and not in private like before but in the middle of the parking lot! You definitely don’t want that to happen!”
“Hmm, perhaps we had better get to class then.” He had a smile on his face as he started walking again.
“You’re wrong though,” he was smiling widely now.
“I am?”
“Yes you are, because I definitely WOULD like that to happen, just not in full view of the school faculty!”
It was my turn to stop and face him; both my legs were like jelly, almost unable to work out how to make me remain upright.
“…I would like it to happen, but it’s just not possible Mackenzie I’m sorry. You’re too breakable. No matter how much I want you.” He clarified wistfully.
I couldn’t stop my bottom lip from pouting.

‘Oh my God, how old was I? Pouting, I mean really!’

I slapped myself mentally and put the lip away! We walked to class though I couldn’t tell you what class I went to!
I was wondering about asking Charlie if he would be speaking to Bella again soon and if I would get away with asking to speak to her. I made a mental note to ask Charlie when he got home from work.
I reluctantly said a temporary goodbye to Edward for my Gym class and went and changed with the other girls. I gravitated towards Angela; she smiled a warm welcoming smile as I dropped my stuff down on the bench next to her.
“Angela, what’s Bella like?” I wanted to get an insight on the girl; everyone else seemed to not give any details of her.
“She’s nice, I like her a lot.” Angela was always so loyal, it was just one of her many great qualities.
“But what’s she like? Is she loud, quiet?” I wanted to know something personal about her, not just blanket statements.
“Well, she’s just like everyone else really, quite quiet and keeps her self to herself. She couldn’t wait to get out of Forks though, she said she had itchy feet and needed to see the world. I guess that’s why she signed up for the exchange program.”
I nodded understanding what would drive someone to want to travel.
“Did her and Edward spend much time together?” Trying to hide my intense interest and failing!
“Spend time together?” Angela asked me confused.
“Yeah, like did they hang out together a lot?”
“Mackenzie, they never really spoke to each other, well no more than any of us spoke to any of the Cullen’s, until you arrived that is!”
By the way that Angela was looking at me I gathered that she thought I had lost my mind or something. I must have looked unconvinced.
“Kenzie, no one would have dared talk to and or associate with any of the Cullen’s before you came to school. You kind of set the standard!” She said as a way of explanation.
“Mm, maybe.” I murmured.
Angela looked worried in case she had something wrong, but I quickly assured her that it was fine, I just didn’t understand why no one had actually bothered to get to know the Cullen’s before? Angela just shrugged her shoulders. “No one was brave enough. They seemed to want to stay apart from everyone” She said simply, “ That was until you exploded into Edwards life. The rest of us perhaps were too worried I guess. Not something you’re afflicted with though I would imagine.” Angela laughed like she had said something funny.
“What? You don’t think I get scared?” I asked as we walked into the gym together.
Angela seemed doubtful. “Well I don’t know Mackenzie, you don’t seem like you would be scared of anything or anyone. You seem like a lioness, ready to stand up to any injustice and do what’s right.”
I smiled a bit wistfully at her as we joined the warm up.
If only that were the case, I thought to myself.
The rest of my lessons went off without me being able to further my research on Bella Swan!
I didn’t ask Edward about her again, as he already thought I had an unhealthy obsession with the girl.
As Edward dropped me back home after school he told me that he would be going hunting with his family. I couldn’t stop the flash of worry cross my face, and Edward had seen it all too easily.
“Actually,” he said. “Perhaps I won’t go, I can’t be bothered.” He lied!
He didn’t fool me and I immediately felt selfish.
“Please go Edward; you haven’t left my side for a week and you must be hungry, I can see by your eyes that you are.” He was about to disagree and argue with me.
“Plus I owe Charlie a meal and it will give me some time to do some human stuff!”
At that Edward agreed. “If you’re sure?”
“I’m sure, but please all of you be careful. I can’t bare the thought of any of you getting hurt.”
Edward hugged me fiercely to him and I hugged him as fiercely back. His lips found mine and they were not as gentle or as restrained as they usually were. A great fire lit in my stomach as I pulled myself closer to him. I felt and tasted the hot sweet nectar of Edward’s venom flush his mouth and then flood my tongue. I wondered briefly why venom seemed harmless if ingested, but the thought was soon washed away as the full force of my need for Edward hit me, making my knees buckle which in turn made me cling all the more to him. Edward gave a groan and it was the most erotic sound I had ever heard. I gasped into his open mouth as his lips finally withdrew from mine ever so slightly.
He disengaged my arms and I moved away fractionally from him. I looked up to his face expecting to see the familiar amusement coupled with a martyred expression.
What was in Edwards eyes was neither of these. I saw his dark eyes deep with need and hooded with passion. It was how I knew my own eyes would look to him. Both our chests were raking in deep lungfuls of air, mine out of necessity, and his out of habit. We stood as we were for what seemed like ages until both our breathing had returned to some form of normality.
Edward lifted my hand to his lips and kissed my fingers lightly. “See you in the morning, call me if you need anything, or call Alice as she is nearer.” He said huskily.
“Be careful.” I said to his disappearing back as he ran to his car and was gone with a wave of his beautiful hand.
I dumped my stuff and set about cooking something for tea. I was going to make something simple but tasty. So when I saw Charlie’s cruiser pull into the lane, I gathered up everything I needed and went on over.
“Hey Charlie.” I called to him as he was opening his door.
“Hi Mackenzie, how are you? Not seen you for a bit!” I felt the flush hit my cheeks before I could answer.
“Yep, I’ve been busy.” I said lamely.
“Yes I saw how busy you were, parked outside earlier!” he added in a friendly way.
Feeling like it was my own father that had just busted me; I quickly tried to distract Charlie with the mention of food!
“Have you eaten yet Charlie? Cos if not I made something, if you want it? Or you can keep it and have it warmed up tomorrow if you’re busy?”
“Nope Kenze, my diary is clear for tonight! So come on in.”
I went into Charlie’s kitchen and it was pleasantly familiar to me and we fell easily into our previous routine.
I passed Charlie a beer and I noticed how tired he looked.
“Busy day at the office?” I asked.
“You could say that, there have been another 3 unexplained deaths just outside of Seattle and who ever is doing it seems to be heading in this direction.”
Charlie pinched the bridge of his nose. “Do me a favour Kenze; don’t go to Seattle at the moment, not till we’ve caught whose doing this.”
“OK Charlie.” I agreed, my mind not really on what he was saying.
I hurried back out to the kitchen, with a cold feeling of dread numbing me to everything else.
I dished up dinner and was once again glad that Charlie liked to watch the TV whilst he ate, and didn’t require me to make small talk. I managed to wash up after and excused myself to make a call.
Outside of Charlie’s house I went through my phonebook till I found the number I was looking for.
It rang once before Alice’s sing song voice answered.
“Hello Mackenzie!”

Damn she was good!

“Alice, have you heard the news?” I demanded without any preamble.
Not waiting for her to answer. “Did they go anywhere near Seattle?” My voice raising a couple of octaves.
Alice’s calm reply didn’t reassure me, it only served to aggravate me. “Calm down Mackenzie, the boys are fine. There’s nothing out there that any of them need to fear, even in Seattle!” She didn’t mean to put any emphasis on the even in Seattle part, but she did.
“You know who or what it is that’s killing all those people don’t you?” I demanded, already knowing the answer.
There was the slightest of pauses. “I’m sorry Mackenzie; I’ve got to go… I’ll call you if there are any problems I promise.” And she abruptly hung up.
The phone call with Alice had done nothing to hush the creeping feeling of worry that was progressively making its self known. I was eventually able to leave Charlie’s house. All thoughts of talking to Bella had vanished as soon as I had heard about the encroaching danger. I hugged him briefly and adjusted my bag as I swiftly ran along the path that would take me to the cabin.
I dumped my bag and grabbed the truck keys and I was on the lane to the main road before my phone rang. I fumbled answering it. “Hello?” I screeched down the line.
“Hi Mackenzie, its Mike.”
“Who?” I asked none the wiser.
“Mike, Mike Newton. From school!”
“O right sorry Mike, you’ve caught me at a bit of an awkward time.” I explained. “Can we do this another time?” I asked, desperate to put the phone down and concentrate on driving as fast as I could to Edwards house and to Alice.
“Well, I guess so.” He sounded gloomy.
“Great, thanks Mike. Speak to you soon.” I closed my phone before he had a chance to say anything else and I slammed my foot on the trucks gas pedal and spun the tyres of the ancient vehicle as I hit the tarmac.
I reached Edwards house in record time. Alice was waiting for me on the drive as I sped in.
“Mackenzie please calm down Edward and the boys are fine, I would have seen if they weren’t. In fact they are having a very good time, at least Emette and Jasper are, Edward is trying to hurry to get back to you.”
I let Alice lead me indoors and we were met in the hall by Esme and Carlisle.
Esme immediately wrapped her cool arms around me and cooed at me in a motherly fashion.
“Why don’t you stay here and wait for Edward.” Carlisle suggested. I gratefully accepted and let Esme lead me into the living area and sit me down on the sofa with her arms still in place.
I struggled to stay awake for as long as I could, but the lyrical tone of the remaining gathered Cullens talking quietly, soon soothed me enough that my eyelids became heavy over my eyes. Esme moved slightly and I found myself comfortably laid down with my head resting on her legs. Someone covered me with a blanket that was so soft and smelt of vanilla and I gave in to the urge to sleep for just a few minutes.
I opened my eyes soon after and realised that someone must have moved me. We were back in the meadow behind the cabin. Relief swam over me as I turned towards the faintest of sounds and saw Edward. My breath stuck in my throat as I took in just how perfect he was. The rest of his family walked out of the trees and they all were so glorious, so not of this world. My heart nearly burst with the sight of their beauty. I smiled and waved to them but they hadn’t seen me. I called out to Edward and he looked straight through me. Something wasn’t right, had he discovered what I knew already? Did he realise that there was no possible way that we could be together and that he was far too good for me and that I really didn’t deserve him as I had lied to him and not told the truth about me. I tried calling again, desperation in my voice creeping in now, panic at the thought that I had lost him. All the while the voice in my head was screaming at me ‘Not yours to loose’

I searched around in panic, hoping to get some idea of how to stop him from walking past me without a second glance, when my eyes caught site of something out in the tree line. It made me uneasy; instead of following Edward I took a step toward the dark shape off in the shadows. Instinct was trying to force my legs to run away as far and as fast as I could in the other direction, but I knew somehow that whatever was in those woods was after Edward and his family, and that it wanted desperately to hurt them. My only thought was in buying Edward some time. Perhaps I could redeem myself that way?
I turned briefly to see where Edward was and then quickly back to where the shadow had been.
I saw them too late. I screamed as loud as I could to warn Edward but it wasn’t enough. The red eyed vampire had leapt across him and slashed at his throat before he had a chance to register my scream. My feet were pinned to the spot as I witnessed the carnage.
The shock in Edwards dimming eyes as he saw his mother and father caught by 5 more red eyed vampires. They didn’t stand a chance, there were too many of them. I sank to my knees great sobs of despair breaking free from my throat.
NO, take me, don’t you leave me here alone, don’t leave me, I wont be alone, NO!
“Mackenzie, Ssh, sweetheart, its ok im here, im home. Please don’t cry.”
My eyes flew open, my cheeks damp from the tears. I saw Edward and I threw my arms around him. Great tearing sobs escaping me. Edward held me tightly all the time murmuring in that soft voice. I couldn’t hear individual words, but just hearing him made me feel better.
When I had calmed down enough to talk; Edward asked. “You ok now?”
I nodded not trusting my voice just yet.
“Bad dream?” Edward surmised.
I nodded again, pulling myself in closer to him. I took a moment to look around the room and noticed that we were alone. The others must have discreetly removed themselves.
“You had us pretty worried there.” Edward said.
“I’m sorry Edward I’ve done it again haven’t I.”
“Done what Mackenzie? Worried about me? I can’t even tell you how wonderful it is to have you care enough about me to be worried about me, though we are going to have to seriously talk about a few things for the future.”
I didn’t really understand what he was talking about, so just nodded and pulled myself even closer to him.
“Are you going to tell me what you dreamt about?” he asked delicately.
“I can’t remember.” I lied. Edward looked sceptical but didn’t force the issue.
“Alice was so worried when you started screaming in your sleep that she phoned me and explained what had happened, so I got back here as quick as I could.” His beautiful face looked tense.
“I,m sorry I left you. I wish that you had said how much you didn’t want me to go.”
“Its fine Edward, I’m fine, it was just a silly dream and just a silly me, I’ve made a terrible fuss about nothing, I’m such a drama queen.” I added crossly.
“Why were you calling out Isabella Swans name again?” he asked.
I sucked in a slight breath, and tried to recall if Bella had been in my dream. “I have no idea!” I answered truthfully.

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